Spotlight Features

Division of the Humanities and Social Sciences Celebrates 50th Anniversary
(01/26/2016) - The division will mark the anniversary with a lecture series, inviting distinguished HSS alumni and faculty members—both past and present—to speak about their work and the impact that Caltech has had on their careers. Historian and Caltech professor emeritus Daniel Kevles will deliver the first lecture on January 28.

Caltech Researchers Find Evidence of a Real Ninth Planet
(01/20/2016) - Caltech researchers have found evidence of a giant planet tracing a bizarre, highly elongated orbit in the outer solar system.

An Entangled Evening of Quantum Science
(01/19/2016) - Caltech celebrates the past and present of quantum science and considers future possibilities that have the potential to revolutionize society.

A Healthy Start
(01/11/2016) - Explore the origins of Caltech's joint MD/PhD programs, which have helped dozens of students develop expertise in both basic science and clinical research.

The Long View
(01/05/2016) - We spoke with alumna France Córdova, the director of the National Science Foundation, about her career, the advancement of women in academia, and her enthusiasm for the future of science.

Science with a Smile
(12/22/2015) - Inspired by Bill Nye's blend of science and entertainment, Sho Takatori approaches his teaching and lab work with enthusiastic dedication.

Identification Tags Define Neural Circuits
(12/17/2015) - Biologists have identified a network of proteins that guides neural synapse formation in Drosophila brains.

15 for 2015: The Year in Research News at Caltech
(12/14/2015) - In case you missed any of them, here are 15 stories highlighting a few of the discoveries, methods, and technologies that came to life at Caltech in 2015.

Caltech Elects New Trustee
(12/10/2015) - Financial advisor Eduardo A. Repetto (PhD '98) has been elected to the Caltech Board of Trustees.

Unlocking the Chemistry of LIfe
(12/07/2015) - Thanks to the Proteome Exploration Laboratory, members of the Caltech faculty have an advantage in the quest to decipher details of the human proteome—the proteins encoded by the human genome.

Rethinking the Building Block
(12/03/2015) - Toy companies Roominate and Crossbeams, both founded by Caltech alumni, challenge traditional ideas of what a toy is, whom it's made for, and how it can inspire.

Viral Videos (and Bacterial Ones, Too)
(11/30/2015) - Grant Jensen is a high-powered movie producer. You won't see his name on any of this fall's Hollywood blockbusters, but in the field of cell biology, he has revolutionized the view that researchers, and even the curious public, get of the insides of cells.

Learning to Teach
(11/23/2015) - The Caltech Project for Effective Teaching (CPET), founded by graduate students, helps members of the Caltech community—including postdocs, undergraduates, professors, and graduate students—become more effective teachers and communicators.

Schools Help Researchers Understand Quakes
(11/19/2015) - A new collaboration between Caltech researchers and Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) schools provides a crucial step in creating maps of the most intense shaking around the city.

Three's Not a Crowd
(11/17/2015) - The Butkovich sisters—freshman Lazarina, junior Slava, and sophomore Nina—find their own nearly identical trajectories unsurprising.

When Harry Met Arnold
(11/12/2015) - Caltech celebrates the 25th year of the Beckman Institute and the 80th birthday of Harry Gray, the Beckman Professor of Chemistry and the institute's founding director.

The Science of Economics
(11/09/2015) - A newly developed suite of software helps researchers analyze some of the most complex markets ever studied in the lab.

Volunteers for Vets
(11/05/2015) - For the last three years, Caltech students and staff have been lending a hand at Pasadena City College, providing free tutoring and mentoring to some of the campus's nearly 800 student veterans.

50 Years of Infrared Astronomy
(11/03/2015) - Fifty years ago, Caltech and its self-styled Infrared Army of experimental physicists and astronomers helped to found the discipline of infrared astronomy.

Caltech Elects Two New Trustees
(10/28/2015) - Two giants from the biomedicine world—alumnus David Ho and Bill Rastetter—join Caltech's Board of Trustees.

Holographic Microscope
(10/26/2015) - If microbial life exists elsewhere in the solar system, wouldn't we like to actually see it on the move? Bioengineers are already testing a new scope—in extreme environments a bit closer to home—that could capture the 3D videos to make that possible.

Plenty of Room at the Blackboard
(10/21/2015) - Caltech is known to the world for its research, but to the student, there is nothing so inspiring as a great teacher.

Toward a Smarter Grid
(10/19/2015) - Major changes are coming to the electrical system. An interdisciplinary group of Caltech scientists and engineers is thinking ahead to prepare us for the power network of the future.

Cassini's Final Act
(10/18/2015) - JPL director, Caltech professor, and alumnus Charles Elachi reflects on NASA/JPL's Cassini Mission, which now has begun its last two years of operation—discussing the spacecraft's achievements, and what is yet to come.

TeachWeek Caltech
(10/18/2015) - Faculty, students, and staff come together in a weeklong series of events that celebrate innovation and inspiration in the classroom.

Full Circle Physics
(10/18/2015) - By bringing together theorists and experimentalists under the same roof, Caltech's Institute for Quantum Information and Matter has created a continuous feedback loop to take quantum science to the next level.