Media Support for Faculty

If you have a research paper slated for journal publication—or if you have a story you think would be of interest to the media or the general public—please contact Kathy Svitil, director of news, at (626) 395‑8022 or

If you have been contacted by the media, or need assistance in reaching out to the media, please contact the Caltech Media Relations team. The Media Relations team will

  • Utilize its relationships with editors and reporters to coordinate coverage of your work and expand its impact.
  • Assist with scheduling and logistics for engagement with reporters, editors, and documentary crews
  • Provide media training so that you will be comfortable with interviews and satisfied with the resulting media coverage.
  • Manage follow-up with the media so that you can focus on your work.

For these and other services, please call (626) 395‑3227 or email